Sprinklr Design Task

Solution to make better investment decisions

Duration   24hr task, Dec'17

Problem statement

One-stop trust based solution for millennials to help them make better investment decisions in stock markets and cryptocurrencies.
In order to understand millennials, I had a talk with some of them..

What matters to millenials?

Current scenario

Not very effective one stop solution exists for both stock market and cryptocurrency.
Problems faced by beginners:

Problems faced by both beginners and advanced users:

Proposed solution - website

Why WEB?

  • Large screen provides better display of charts and growth information
  • Stock markets and cryptocurrency demands extensive research, possible on a web platform
  • Advanced users search for different stocks at the same time, they also trade simultaneously. It is easier to open different tabs and manage

Information architecture

Product showcase

Key features - Homepage

Key features - Bitcoin search tab

Side menus

Beginner's guide

My learnings

Stock market and cryptocurrency are complex concepts. Given only 24hr to solve the problem of information display and real-time updates on such a difficult topic was a challenge. I learnt a lot about the domain, and how beginners and advanced users differ in their approach to invest. Managing to address user concerns with existing systems and designing an interface more intuitive and easy to use was a great exposure.