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2. A Cognitive load assessment study of Three-dimensional Interactive Virtual Reality Interfaces in HWWE 2017, Aligarh. Springer Proceedings. Authors: Akriti Kaur, Mudit Agrawal, Prof. Pradeep G. Yammiyavar, IIT Guwahati. (In printing process)

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A little about me

My decision to choose the field of design has come from my curious nature to observe and question anything and everything around me. It made me realize how a successful design is inspired by nature and its mechanics. Thinking about accessibility, I am intrigued by the ability of voice technology to help the blind.

Can there be an effective way to help bike riders navigate without being distracted by their mobile phone? Do we think about left-handed people while designing interactions? With the evolving area of Artificial Intelligence, will people lose the art of natural conversation and care about machines more than humans? These are a few questions I ponder on while observing life around me.

Apart from this, I like to engage myself in outdoor activities and have represented my college in Lawn Tennis. Since my childhood I’ve had a passion for dance, it transports me to a realm where I’m immersed in the intense emotions of the art form. I love traveling and interacting with people from varied cultures. Research-based conferences are my favorite means to meet like-minded people.

Discuss some ideas over coffee? Drop me a mail, or connect with me.